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Rick Hirsch is a nationally-known composer, arranger and jazz educator living in State College, PA. Check out his music, book a live jazz band in Central Pennsylvania.


Bike-to-gig Day

Rick Hirsch

Oh, how I love when the stars align and make it feasible to ride my bike to a gig. I think these are my main criteria:

  • Venue must be easily bike-able from my house (i.e. I'd have no qualms about biking there without my horns in tow).
  • Dry, not-too-frigid weather
  • I don't have to bring sound gear
  • Gig attire is not too dressy (i.e. no clothes that require dry cleaning)

Here's my rig from a park concert I played yesterday:

Set-up:  Burley 2-child bicycle trailer. 1998 vintage, about the same age as my oldest daughter, in fact.

Contents: tenor saxophone, music stand (with folding legs), backpack with miscellaneous accessories, tote bag with four fat 3-ring binders of music.

You can't really see it in this photo, but this trailer attaches (easily) to the back of my bike and is towed behind.


Do you ever bike to gigs or rehearsals with your instruments? What's your set-up?